The San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show enters its 33rd year in 2019.   We are proud that it is the premiere show of its kind in the United States.  We welcome over 70 dealers and feature exciting exhibits presented by top galleries each year. 

Works range from the finest textiles and rugs from North Africa, Asia, North America, and India through remarkable stone and wood carvings from Indonesia, Africa, and Oceania. Works also span millennia, with carvings and pottery from prehistoric South America to the exquisite Wounaan contemporary basketry handmade in Panama today by the indigenous Wounaan tribe, employing ancient weaving traditions passed through generations of indigenous peoples in the Darién rainforest.

For a complete list of exhibitors and special exhibits from 2018 view our 2018 Catalog online.

Beginning in 2017 one exciting major expansion of the show was the beginning of a series of Featured Countries, with Indonesia being the first. In 2018 we were proud to have Australia with its rich history in Tribal arts as our Featured Country. We will soon announce our Featured Country for 2019. Please check back to our website for updates.

FORT MASON CENTER, FESTIVAL PAVILION: 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123

2019 GALA OPENING: Thursday, February 7th. 

2019 SHOW DATES: Friday, February 8th, 11am-7pm
2017 SHOW DATES: Saturday, February 9th, 11am-7pm
2017 SHOW DATES: Sunday, February 10th, 11am-5p


Celebrating Mateship with Australian
American Chamber of Commerce

“I am delighted that this year that the Australian Government will be a major supporter of this culturally important exhibition” Australia’s Consul General in San Francisco, Chris Oldfield said today.

“This year we are commemorating “100 years of mateship” between Australia and the USA as we mark the centenary of our country’s troops fighting together in the First World War.

“Nothing is as strong as the bond between “mates” and as well the military history we have shared over the last 100 years, the mutual respect and common values between our two counties are stronger than ever.

“We are therefore delighted to be able to support a culturally important exhibition such as this and once again it will serve to highlight the ties that bind us and to further demonstrate the importance of San Francisco in the West Coast Arts community,” Mr Oldfield said.

Australia: Defending the Oceans
Australian Ghostnet Art
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2018 Special Exhibit Information

Join us for a week of activities at San Francisco Tribal Art Week! The event will be kicked off by the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show and concluded with the American Indian Art Show Marin. Kim Martindale also produces American Indian Art Show Marin at Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA, February 17-18, 2018.

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